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Sl. No. Name of Faculty Designation
1. Dr. Debabrata Mandal Associate Professor and Head
2. Dr. Murali Kumarasamy Assistant Professor
3. Dr. Abhishek Sahu Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice
4. Dr. Sameer Dhingra Associate Professor and Head
5. Dr. Krishna Murti Assistant Professor
Pharmacology & Toxicology
6. Dr. Vipan Kumar Parihar Associate Professor and Dean
7. Dr. Nitesh Kumar Assistant Professor
8. Dr. Sanjiv Singh Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical Analysis
9. Dr. P. Ramalingam Associate Professor and Head
10 Prof. Rajkumar M. Professor and Head
11 Dr. Vinod L. Gaikwad Assistant Professor
12. Dr. Lalit Kumar Assistant Professor
Regulatory Toxicology
13. Dr. Suhani Sinha Associate Professor
14. Dr. Venkateswara Rao Amara Assistant Professor