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The Department of Pharmaceutics was established in 2021 with the aim of quality research in pharmaceutical formulation and drug delivery, which improves the learning and research abilities of the scholars. The research in this department imparts the quality of generic and specialty medicines. The department offers M.S. (Pharm.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in pharmaceutics. The department has proficient faculty and scholars continuously engaged in research activities for better delivery of therapeutics for improving safety and efficacy. The Department of Pharmaceutics is actively engaged in various research activities, such as common research plans, industry-oriented research projects, and inter-departmental and inter-institutional research projects. The department has excellent infrastructural facilities planned for several high-end pharmaceutical characterization equipment, including HPLC, BET,    µ-disso, LD, FTIR, FPA CI, NTA, DSC, DLS, rheometer, texture analyzer, SPFA, UV-DRS-NIR spectrometer, dissolution test apparatus (Type I, II, and IV) and disintegration tester. The manufacturing facilities in the department include a wide range of cGMP dryers (FB and Lyo), advanced fluid bed processing, Mini Press II, auto-coater, advanced milling, particle size engineering, USFDA Medical Device Class I stability chambers, capsule manufacturing and filling facilities, semisolid manufacturing facilities, nano-enabled formulation development, and scale-up facilities.

Courses offered

  • M.S. (Pharm.) in Pharmaceutics
  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics
  • Integrated Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics


To do cutting-edge research in pharmaceutics and drug delivery that offers patient-friendly, accessible, and affordable quality pharmaceutical formulations for global healthcare needs.

Research activities

Departmental research projects are focused on formulation development of modified release systems, nano-formulations for targeted drug delivery, topical formulations, peptide delivery systems, generic product development, etc. The research activities of the department are planned in different areas, which include

  • Conventional, modified-release, site-specific, and targeted drug delivery systems
  • Novel manufacturing techniques
  • Nano pharmaceutical delivery systems
  • Peptide drug delivery systems
  • Particle engineering and solubility enhancement of poorly water-soluble drugs
  • Integrating QbD (DoE) approach in formulation development
  • In-vitro & ex-vivo / in-vivo characterization of API & formulations
  • Physiological-based Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Simulations
  • Stability testing of API & formulations

Manufacturing facilities

The pharmaceutics department has planned to develop advanced facilities for formulation research and manufacturing as per GMP requirements for quality research in areas of oral drug delivery, nano-enabled formulations, long acting injectables (LAIs), and topical formulations.

Industrial collaborations

The department has signed a memorandum of understanding with pharmaceutical industries such as Zuventus Health Ltd., Sirek Research, Biopin Ambal, and Divya Patent firm to strengthen collaborative, research, sponsored or consultancy projects, training and placement activities, and internship activities, as well as for exchanging knowledge through industry expert talks.


1. Prof. M. Rajkumar, Professor and Head

2. Dr. Vinod L. Gaikwad, Assistant Professor

3. Dr. Lalit Kumar, Assistant Professor