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Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis


The department of pharmaceutical analysis at NIPER-Hajipur started in the academic year (ACY) 2021-22 with M.S (Pharm.) and PhD degree in pharmaceutical analysis. The department also designated to serve as central analytical facility for other departments as facility support and inter-departmental research initiatives. The pharmaceutical analysis specialization focusses the science and skills in the new analytical method development and validationof procedure using different analytical principles like chromatography, spectroscopy, thermal methods etc., trouble shooting of analytical procedure, quality control of pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals/phytopharmaceuticals. Our department striving for collaborative research in proteomics area for drug target validation, biomarkers discovery, chemoproteomics and post translational modification. In addition, the department also participating in establishing of “centre of excellence in biologics”for analytical characterization, stability and release. The department is pioneer in establishing analytical quality by design (AQbD) at par with the requirement of ICHQ14, stability studies, genotoxicity profiling, preclinical pharmacokinetics etc. The departmententitled to implement GMP/GLP practices.


The laboratory is established with adequate space including, Change room, Wet analysis laboratory, Sample preparation area, Central facility – 1 (LC-MS(Orbitrap)/ Proteomics lab), Central facility-2 (LC-MS/MS (QQQ), GC-MS/MS), Hazard Chemical zone (Fume Hood area), Chemicals storage area. The Laboratory implemented the minimum GLP requirements, SOPs, fire safety requirement, Log-books, exit-entry record, sample/standards storage record, calibration/maintenance record, PPE, Hazard disposal etc.

Quality Policy

Committed to excel in analytical technology through adopting advanced technologies and shall endeavour to ensure the precise outcome for societal needed research in collaboration with stakeholders of health professionals.

Courses offered

  • M.S. (Pharm.) in Pharmaceutical Analysis (2 Years)
  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Integrated Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Analysis (5 Years)

Research Activities

  • LC-HRMS based proteomics profiling of microbial, animal tissue and human serum (ICMR-RMRIMS, Patna)
  • Metabolomics Data base development of C. elegans (Collaboration: Alagappa University).
  • Natural product profiling / identification secondary metabolite (Common research Plan: NIPER-G)
  • Nitrosamine control in Pharmaceutical products (NIPER-K).
  • Proteomics based drug mechanism study, and microbial/ cancer drug resistance.
  • Industry relevant analytical method development using LC-HRMS, HPLC/Prep. HPLC using AQbD/QSRR/ICHQ14.

Faculty and Research Team

1. Dr P Ramalingam, Associate Professor and Head

2. Dr Swain P, Adjunct Faculty, NIPER-K

3. Dr Rahul Rathod, Mylan Laboratories, Hyderabad, Adjunct Faculty-Industry

4. Dr Rahul G, Scientist Grade-I

5. Dr Anupam Jana, Scientist Grade – II