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Summer Training / Dissertation Programme

  1. Overview:

The NIPER-Hajipur is inviting students and scholars from different institutes to participate in Internship/ summer training/ dissertation programme involving basic and quality training in different fields of Science. This kind of training is chargeable and the details of NIPER-Hajipur facilities are available in the Website.

  1. Eligibility:
  • Candidates pursuing B.Pharm/B.E/B.Tech/B.Sc. or Integrated M.E./M.Tech/M.Sc., with good academic background with academic score of minimum 75%.
  • Working pharmacists/professional in pharma/food/agro industries etc.,
  • Candidates pursuing M.Pharm/M.Tech/M.Sc./PhDwith a good academic background.
  • For High end instrument / technique training PhD are preferable.
  • Click Here to download the Summer or Intern training application
  1. Period of the training/project:
  • 15 days to Six Months depends on the type of module
  1. Application Procedure:

Candidates must apply online through mail (, ). It requires submission of

  • a cover letter from the head of the Institute describing the applicant’s details
  • Choice of module / Duration
  • a curriculum vitae or resume
  • a list of course undertaken by the candidates
  • Candidates may also specify the subject areas, scientific methodologies and/or disease domains/instruments that they want to use and learn.
  1. Selection

The NIPER Summer Internship Program is highly competitive. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by a team of scientists in the Institutes. Candidates will be informed of their selection through email ONLY. Successful candidates will be required to submit the following documentation to the Institute to beginning their training:

  • Recommendation letter cum no-objection letter from their College/University
  • a curriculum vitae or resume
  • a list of course undertaken
  • Declaration form of NIPER-Hajipur
  1. Different modules/ areas of training:
Module Topic Focussed Skills Co-ordinator
Module 1 Molecular Biology Purification and analysis of DNA/RNA. PCR, Real-time PCR and gene expression studies. Cloning and expression Dr D Mandal
Module 2 Biochemistry Enzyme purification and assays. Cell based assays including MTT etc. Dr A Sahu
Module 3 Microbiology Bacterial/fungal/parasitic culture studies, Growth curve/ drug inhibition assay using ZOI, CFU etc. Dr D Mandal Dr A Sahu
Module 4 Cell biology Mammalian cell culture using cancer cells, neurons, macrophages etc; Microscopy, ELISA etc.) Dr Murali K Mrs. Rajni Khan
Module 5 Instrumentation facility Basic: UV-Visible, FT-IR, Fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy Osmometer, rheometer, etc. Advanced: HPLC, differential scanning calorimetry, Dynamic light scattering, High end: LC-MS/MS, Prep. HPLC (Only PhD scholars /Faculty members with HPLC knowledge) Dr P Ramalingam
Module 6 Preclinical Studies. Animal handling, drug dosing, creation of different disease models with mice and rat, toxicity analysis etc. (Demonstration) Dr  Sanjiv Singh
Module 7 Drug screening, preparation/analysis of plant extracts for tests in different animal models of disease (diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, neurological disorders, fungal diseases etc.) Dr Nitesh Kumar
Module 8 Formulation development Development and optimization drug-carriers (Microsphere, Neosomes etc.) Dr Vinod L Gaikwad
Module 9 QbD / AQbD QTPP/ATP Design, Risk assessment, DoE, Design Space/MODR, Model verification. Dr P Ramalingam Dr Vinod L Gaikwad
Module 10 Medication safety in hospital and community pharmacy settings Medication safety and rational use of medicines, Infection prevention and control including antimicrobial stewardship, Adverse drug reaction monitoring, Drug-drug interactions and other patient oriented considerations in clinical and community settings. Dr S Dhingra Dr K Murti
Module 11 Phyto-/Synthetic Chemistry & Column Purification Chemical synthesis design, reaction monitoring, fractionation and purification of plant extract / synthetic compounds Dr A Jana
  1. Training/Project Fees:
Students level Duration Fees (Rs.)/ each person
B. Pharm/B.Sc. and Undergraduates For 15-30 days 7000/-
30-180 days 5000/- per month
M. Pharm/M.Sc. and post graduates For 30-60 days 10,000/- per month
For 60-180 days and above (Including small projects and dissertation) 10,000/- per month
  1. Accommodations: Own Arrangements.
  2. Mess/ canteen facility: Available on paid basis as per the canteen rate