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In terms of para 3.2.1 of the Statute under Section 13 of the NIPER Act, 1998, the Senate of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER), Hajipur is constituted for the period of three years w.e.f. August, 2023 consisting of the following persons:

List of Members of Senate

Designation Name of the Member
Chairman Prof. Ravichandiran V.
Director NIPER-Kolkata and
Director (Additional Charge), NIPER-Hajipur
Member Dean, NIPER-Hajipur
Member Dr. Rajkumar M., Professor, NIPER-Hajipur
Member Dr. Rajkumar Banerjee, Principal Scientist, IICT
Member Prof. Sanyog Jain, Professor, Pharmaceutics, NIPER, Mohali
Member Prof. Gopal Krishna Pal, Director, AIIMS, Patna
Member Dr. Om Prakash, IGIMS, Patna
Member Prof. Chilla Malla Reddy, Professor, IISER, Kolkata
Member Prof. Amitava Das, Professor, IISER Kolkata
Member Prof. Ganesh Nagaraju, Professor, IISC Bangalore
Member Dr.Ramalingam P., Associate Professor, NIPER-Hajipur
Member Dr. Nitesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, NIPER-Hajipur
Member Dr. Debabrata Mandal HOD, Under Represented

Subject to the provision of the Act, the Senate shall:

a. frame and revise curricula and syllabi for the courses of studies for the various departments;
b. make arrangements for the conduct of examinations;
c. declare the results of the examinations or to appoint committees or officers to do so and to make the recommendations to the Board regarding conferment of degrees and diplomas;
d. appoint Advisory Committees or Expert Committees or both for the Departments / Centers of the Institute to make recommendations on academic matters connected with their working; The Head of the Departments / Centers concerned shall act as Convener of such Committee;
e. appoint Committees from amongst faculty members of the Institute and Experts from outside to advise on such specific academic matters as may be referred to any such Committee by the Senate;
f. consider the recommendations of Advisory Committees attached to various Departments / Centers and that of expert and other Committees and take such action as required;
g. periodically review the working of the Departments/Centers and take appropriate action as required;
h. review the periodically the working of the Library and Information Services/ Central Instrumentation Center action as required; and any other non-teaching department/centre and take such
i. frame such regulations and rules consistent with the Statues and the Ordinances regarding the functioning of the Institute, admission, discipline, attendance, award of fellowships, scholarships, studentships, medals and prizes, fees, residences, concessions and campus life attendance;
j. exercise general supervision over the academic policies of the Institute and to give directions regarding the method of instruction and co-operative institutions; teaching among
k. to consider matters of the general academic interest either on its own initiative or on a reference by the Departments/Centers or the Board and take appropriate action thereon.

Meeting No Date on which meeting held
1 31st August 2020
2 28th February 2022
3 10th September 2022
4 20th April 2023