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Dr. P. Ramalingam

Associate Professor & Head

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Analysis

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research


Hajipur, Export Promotional Industrial Park, Vishali Distt,

Bihar – 844102 (India)



Date of Joining to the current position: 18th Oct 2021

Faculty CV

2011: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam – 530003, India).

2003: Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (College of Pharmacy, SRIPMS, Coimbatore – The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University, India).

2000: Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) (RVS college of Pharmaceutical sciences, Coimbatore- The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, India)

2019: CMI Level 5 Course in Management and Leadership (AICTE-UKIERI Scheme 2019 by Chattered Management Institute, UK).

Research Areas

  • Mass spectrometry based proteomics, metabolomics, and PTMs in drug & marker discovery
  • Genotoxivcity profiling of pharmaceutical impurities.
  • SBDD approach / phytochemicals in drug discovery for drug resistant tuberculosis and Cancer.
  • AQbD /QSRR/Chemometrics in analytical method development
  • Developing new HPLC, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS and LC-ICP-MS (speciation analysis) methods

Current: Associate Professor and Head i/c of Dept. Pharmaceutical Analysis at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)-HAJIPUR, Bihar from 18th Oct’ 2021 to till date. Previous:

  • Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Director (R&D Division), Raghavendra Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (RIPER) – Autonomous, AP, India (Feb 2016 to Oct 2021)
  • Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University, UAE (Feb 2014 to Feb 2016 on sabbatical leave)
  • Professor & Head, Dept. of Pharmaceutical chemistry & Analysis, Raghavendra Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (RIPER), AP, India  (May 2009 to Feb 2014)
  • Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Siddharth institute of Pharmacy, Guntur, AP, India (Sep 2007 to May 2009).
  • Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Hindu College of Pharmacy, Guntur, AP, India (Feb 2006 to Sep 2007).
  • Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla, AP, India (Mar 2003 to Jan 2006).

Awards & Recognitions

  • University Best Teacher Award 2021 by JNT University Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Research Award : BIRAC – GYTI Appreciation  awardee 2016 (DBT, Govt. of India; Rs. 1.00 Lakh).
  • Qualified in GATE 2001.
  • Recognized member of NGCMA-GLP inspection team to GLP facilities.
  • President of IPA-Local bramch (Anantapur) and recived National award in 2019. (Best Local Branch)
  • Best Teacher award 2016 by Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) – Anantapur Branch, India.
  • Trained and certified as “Evaluator for National Board of Accreditation visits”by NBA Nodal Centre, JNT        University Anantapur, India.
  • Central Council Member – IPA Education Division (2017-2020).
  • Recognized CCSEA Nominee, CCSEA, Govt. of India (2016 to till date).
  • Received Certificate of Appreciation from Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India for being coordinator of Online GPAT classes for Pharmacy student organized by Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Enlisted Medicinal chemist in Anti-tubercular drug discovery, Supported by TAACF – US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease (NIAID), 2006-2009, ID: 1981.
  • Ranked at 1st Place during Master of Pharmacy (Year 2003).
  • Member BoS, JNT University Anantapur (2016-2018).
  • Member BoS, Sri Krishna University Andhra Pradesh (2022-till date).
  • Visiting faculty under UGC vsisiting professor scheme to Acahraya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, AP.
  • Doctoral Advisory Committee member and recognized research supervisor of JNTUA, MAHE, JSSAHE.

Administrative positions

  • Member, Boarder of Governors, NIPER-Hajipur
  • Deputy Registrar, NIPER-Hajipur
  • Chairman, Placement and Training cell, NIPER-Hajipur
  • Member, Academic Senate, NIPER-Hajipur


§ A process of preparation of olmesartan medoximil and telmisartan nanosuspensions (Indian Patent; 419468; Granted)

  • Efficacy enhancement of quinone molecules in combination with isoniazid and rifampcin – Indian patent (202141033473 dated 26-07-2021; Published).
  • Antitubercular drugs and 4-oxoazetidin derivatives combination for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (202331012912 dated 10/03/2023; Published)

 Research grants received

  • Principal investigator: Molecular manipulation and hybrid strategy in development of Cytochrome bc1 inhibitors for MDR/XDR-TB, DST-SERB 2017, 42.34 lakhs (EMR/2017/004394, Principal investigator), In collaboration with National Institute of research in tuberculosis (NIRT, WHO recognized Centre), Chennai- 2017-2020.
  • Principal investigator: Design of Novel PPK2 inhibitors as adjuvants to current antitubercular drugs: Advancing Host directed therapy for MDR/XDR-TB (8-73/RIFD/RPS/Policy-1/2016-17) Funded by AICTE, Govt. of India, (Rs. 16.47 Lakhs, Under Research Promotion Scheme 2016-2018).
  • Principal investigator: To Study the effectiveness of mixture latex in animal models for Arthritis/joint pain, funded by BIRAC-SRISTI, (BIRAC SRISTI PMU-2016/0012, Rs. 1 Lakhs as Award; year 2016)
  • CO-PI: Development of Natural and Semi-synthetic molecule and their formulation in Tuberculosis funded by AICTE-RPS scheme 2012, Govt. of India, (Rs. 10.6 Lakhs, Under Research Promotion Scheme 2012-2014).
  • Project Coordinator: Funded by DST-FIST 2017 (SR/FST/College-004/2017; 45 Lakhs), Govt. of India.

Grant received for Conference / Faculty training/Travel

  • Conference grant on “Recent Advances in Drug Discovery against Drug Resistant Diseases” (Rupees. 5 lakhs; Grant i.d AICTE/1-462441812).
  • Faculty development programme  AICTE -ATAL scheme, Govt. of India on the title “Pedagogue capacity building for excellence in Higher Education” (8th July to 12th July 2021.
  • Travel grant from CSIR, Govt. of India, (PFA/2454/18-HRD dated 04 Dec 2018)

Books /Chapters/Technical reports authored

  • Text Book: 1 (Application of Spectral studies in Pharmaceutical Product development”(Basics approach with illustrated examples; ISBN-13 978-9388305853; BSP Books Publishers, India)
  • Book Chapters : 4  (03 in Elsevier)

Editorship /Membership

  • Founder Editor, i-care e-news bulletin (Official bulletin of SEARPharm Forum)
  • Associate Editor – RIPER –PDIC Bulletin.

Membership in Profession bodies

  • Proteomics Society of India (PSI)
  • Life member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association
  • Life member of All India Pharmaceutical Teachers Association
  • Life member of ISPOR

Research Publications
• Rajput, K., Dhiman, S., Veni, N. K., Ravichandiran, V., Ramalingam Peraman. (2023). Support Vector Models-Based Quantitative Structure–Retention Relationship (QSRR) in the Development and Validation of RP-HPLC Method for Multi-component Analysis of Anti-diabetic Drugs. Chromatographia, 1-14.

• Malarvannan, M., Kumar, K. V., Reddy, Y. P., Nikhil, P., Aishwarya, D., Ravichandiran, V., & Ramalingam, P. (2023). Assessment of computational approaches in the prediction of spectrogram and chromatogram behaviours of analytes in pharmaceutical analysis: assessment review. Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(1), 86.

• Rajavardhana, T., Koushik, M. R., Jayakumar, C., Ramalingam, P., Geethavani, M., Kumar, M. A., & Rajanandh, M. G. (2023). Adherence to treatment on a daily-dose regimen for TB. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 27(10), 778.

• Abdelaziz, M. A. A., Nelson, V. K., Kumarasamy, M., & Peraman, R. (2023). Anticancer effect of polyphenolic acid enriched fractions from Grewia bracteata Roth on tumor cells and their p53 gene independent ROS mediated apoptosis in colon cancer cells. Toxicon, 233, 107243.

• Bhargav, E., Koteshwara, K. B., Reddy, Y. P., Sowmya, C., & Ramalingam, P. (2023). Development of Curcumin nanophytosomes surface functionalized with Chondroitin sulfate-A for treating k1 Plasmodium falciparum drug-resistant malaria. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 87, 104788.

• Mouli, H. C., Vinod, A., Kumari, S., Tiwari, A. K., Kathiravan, M. K., & Peraman, R. (2023). Deuterated driven new chemical entities: An optimistic way to improve therapeutic efficacy. Bioorganic Chemistry, 106490.

• Abdelaziz, M. A. A., Sahu, A., & Peraman, R. (2023). Pentacyclic triterpenoids from the stem of Grewia bracteata Roth demonstrate promising inhibition on tumour cells. Natural Product Research, 1-5.

• Nirmal, C. R., Rajadas, S. E., Balasubramanian, M., Magdaline, D., Chilamakuru, N. B., Dinesh, R., … & Dusthackeer, V. A. (2023). Dodecanoic acid & palmitic acid disarms rifampicin resistance by putatively targeting mycobacterial efflux pump Rv1218c. Indian Journal of Medical Research, 157(2&3), 192-203.

• Karthika, A., Gullapalli, K., Nagappan, K., Raghavan, A. K., & Peraman, R. (2023). Optimization of ultrasonication-assisted extraction conditions using RSM-I-Optimal experimental design to recover vitamin D2 and K1 from selected green leafy vegetable samples. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, 17(1), 944-955

• Nirmal, C. R., Rajadas, S. E., Balasubramanian, M., Mohanvel, S. K., Aathi, M. S., Munishankar, S., … & Dusthackeer, A. (2023). Myoinositol and methyl stearate increases rifampicin susceptibility among drug‐resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis expressing Rv1819c. Chemical Biology & Drug Design, 101(4), 883-895.

• Karthika, A., Gullapalli, K., Nagappan, K., Dronavajjula, M., Anilakumar, K. R., & Peraman, R. (2023). Response Surface Methodology Assisted Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatographic Method Optimization For The Simultaneous Estimation Of Six Fat-Soluble Vitamins In Tablet Dosage Form Using A Developed And Validated Uplc-Q-Tof/Ms Method. Georgian Medical News, (334), 10-22.

• Badavenkatappa gari, S., Nelson, V.K. & Ramaling Peraman, (2023) Tinospora sinensis (Lour.) Merr alkaloid rich extract induces colon cancer cell death via ROS mediated, mTOR dependent apoptosis pathway: “an in-vitro study”. BMC Complement Med Ther 23, 33 (2023).

• Bada Venkatappa Gari, S., Bhatt, S., Kutagulla, V. K., Kanala, S. R., Yiragamreddy, P. R., & Peraman, R. (2022). Antidepressant and anxiolytic activities of Cochlospermum religiosum leaf extract, synergism with antidepressants, and molecular docking studies. Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources (IJNPR)[Formerly Natural Product Radiance (NPR)], 13(1), 23-31.

• Singh, A., Ramalingam, P., Dhingra, S., Ravichandiran, V., & Murti, K. (2022). Arsenic: a culpable element and a possible menace for HIV/AIDS patients. Biological Trace Element Research, 200(12), 4955-4966.

• Surendra Rajit Prasad, Prakash Kumar, (…) Pallaprolu Nikhil, Dande Aishwarya, P. Ramalingam Rahul Gajbhiye, V. Ravichandiran, Prolay Das, Debabrata Mandal (2022) Mechanistic insight into the role of mevalonate kinase by a natural fatty acid -mediated killing of Leishmania donovani” Scientific Reports, 12, 16453

• Rajavardhana Thamineni, Ramalingam Peraman,Jayakumar Chenniah,Geethavani Meka,Ashok Kumar Munagala,Vijayakumar Thangavel Mahalingam,Rajanandh Muhasaparur Ganesan (2022). Level of adherence to anti-tubercular treatment among drug-sensitive tuberculosis patients on a newly introduced daily dose regimen in South India: A cross-sectional study. Tropical medicine and International health,

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• Sreelakshmi Bada Venkatappa Gari, Ramalingam Peraman (2021), Tinospora Sinensis (Lour.) Merr. Stem Modulate The TNF-Alpha Expression In HCT- 116 Tumour Cell, Besides the Inhibitory Effect on Cervical, Colon and Breast Cancer Cell Linee, Pharmacognosy Journal 13 (1), 8-16.

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