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TPC Policy & Procedure

  • The TPC functions with the defined objectives, which will work to enrich the placement and career ambitions of scholars, by coordinating Industries, Alumni, HoDs, Professional linkages, MoU in alignment to the Institution Vision.
  • Scholars are continuously encouraged to connect with Alumni / Industry through social platforms for better visibility.
  • TPC shall prepare the “Outgoing Students CV Profile” and circulate to all relevant industries in consultation with “Students placement committee”.
  • TPC shall invite and coordinate both on/off line placements in coordination with Registrar office if any financial implications involved.
  • Student coordinators shall be nominated by the HODs of the respective department
  • TPC, shall organize the following programs periodically, with the help of student coordinators from each departments.
    • Session on effective CV for beginners
    • Awareness/Career guidance to Scholars from Industrial experts.
    • Awareness programme on Research career / CSIR / UGC-NET/JRF etc. / International opportunities.
    • Sessions on Time management/Personality development
    • Sessions interpersonal skills/Conflict management/Communication skills
    • Awareness on Start-up and entrepreneur skills.
  • If any students/Scholar apply for placement through TPC, and selected for a position, he/she shall not try any other placement without the knowledge of TPC. The TPC shall not consider a candidate for multiple opportunities.
  • However, the Job joining report to employer after the selection is subjected to the fulfillment of curricular requirement and with due approval of Guide/HOD/Competent authority.
  • TPC or the individual coordinator shall implement the process of recruitment as directed the recruiters.

Internship/Training Procedure & Policy

  • The internship / Training includes, project training at Industry, short training at specific techniques at research institutions/laboratory, summer training fellowship for PG/PhD Scholars.
  • In case of training for PG scholars as a part of II year curriculum, the HODs directed to execute the formality as per NIPER norms.
  • Other than curricular projects, all requests shall be submitted in written to the TPC, in proper channel, Guide and HOD.
  • Project work part of PG program at industry site shall be recommended by the Guide and HOD with due approval from competent authority.
  • The PG/PhD scholars who underwent training, he/shall submit the proof of document to TPC duly signed by HOD.
  • The industry stipend is not permitted for all scholar who already availing the scholarship.
  • All students initiate / apply for any training or project at Industry only after consultation with guide/HOD, then if the final decision shall be intimated to TPC along with details including, number of days, area of training/project, purpose, etc. TPC records.
  • TPC reserved the right to verify your attendance at the allotted/permitted training centre during the tenure.
  • There shall be feedback form, at Training & Placement cell, after the completion of training and projects, the scholar shall submit the form along with proof /certificate of training.

Discipline action:

  • If any students found involved indiscipline activity, or a complaint has been recorded at office / grievance cell, the coordinators or TPC has authority to stop or withdraw the opportunity at any point of recruitment process.

 Disclaimer: The policies are subjected to revision and update from time to time, and case to case, if necessary.