Prof. V. Ravichandiran

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Fellowship awarded by the Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy, 2018

Best Research Award, SEDEX Conference, University Technology Petronas, Malaysia, 2016

Gold Award, SEDEX Conference, University Technology Petronas, Malaysia, 2016

Silver Medal, Citrex, University of Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia, 2016

Best Teacher award from The TN Dr.MGR Medical University, Chennai, 2011

Best Pharmacist award from Indian Pharmaceutical Association, 2010

    Recent Publications:

1. V. Ravichandiran, Suresh. B, Sathishkumar. M.N, Arunachalam.G and Subramanian.N., “Anti-microbial Activity of Hydro alcoholic extract of Moringa Concanensis Nimmo: An Ethnomedicines of Nilgiris hills”. Chemotherapy; 2006.

2. V. Ravichandiran, Suresh B, Sathishkumar M. N, Elango K and Srinivasan R., “Antifertility Activity of Hydro alcoholic extract of Ailanthus excelsa (Roxb): An Ethnomedicines used by Tribals of Nilgiris Region in Tamilnadu”, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2007, 112: 189-191.

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4. V. Ravichandiran, Arunachalam G, Subramanian N, and Suresh B., “Pharmacognostical and phytochemical Investigations of Moringa concanensis (Moringaceae) an ethno medicine of Nilgiris”, Journal of Pharmacognosy & phytotherapy, 2009,1,(1).

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