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Finance Committee

List of Members of Finance Committee

Name of Members Designation Organization
Director Chairman NIPER, Hajipur
Dean Member NIPER, Hajipur
Director/DS/US, Finance/DoP (IFD) Ex-officio
Dr. Syamal Roy, NIPER-Kolkata Member Dean, NIPER, Kolkata
Dr. Kislay Kumar Sinha, Principal Scientist Member Principle Scientist, VNR Seeds, Raipur
Dr. Om Prakash Roy Member Principal, LS. S. College, Muzaffarpur
Registrar Member Secretary NIPER, Hajipur

Minutes of Meeting Detail

Meeting No. Date on which meeting held
2nd 26th May 2020
3rd 10th April 2021
4th 24th June 2021
5th 2nd June 2022
6th 27th April 2023